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24 April 2007 @ 10:36 pm
Cyberpath, Crossover: The Matrix, Hana/Trinity, guns  
Not as explicit as some of the other stuff, but I think it counts as R at least...

Wireless never talked about her old life. No one on the Nebucchadnezzar had any idea where she'd been before they found her passed out on the scorched surface of the planet, next to the rusted-out skeletons of disabled machines, but they knew they were glad they'd got her. Her name was well-chosen- she didn't have any implants, and she didn't need them because she could enter and leave the Matrix without even touching a computer. She said she could function, in a limited kind of way, in both worlds at once, and that she'd escaped the destroyers by turning them against each other, and Trinity believed it. She was even starting to wonder if Wireless might be the One... which would make her the one for her.

They practiced together, in the program Wireless had helped create. Trinity had learned to shoot with cold precision, like a computer herself, while Wireless filled her targets full of bullets like she had a personal grudge against every single one of them. Wherever she came from, she hadn't been fighting machines. Of course, style wasn't that important for her; every shot went home whatever she did. But there was something appealing about the passion, the curve of her hip in her slightly-off stance, the furious glare as she blew simulations apart- Trinity didn't usually go for women, but destiny was destiny, right? And Wireless could ignore a hint even if you clubbed her with it, and was perfectly capable of spending hours on end on target practice without getting bored, so Trinity decided to make the first move, by gently pushing the other woman's gun hand away and kissing her deeply.

At the very beginning there was a little resistance, but only out of surprise- it quickly gave way to eager reciprocation, and the gun dropped and the freed hands starting to grope at various parts of her. Apparently Wireless didn't believe in moving slowly. And was also amazingly skilled with her hands- what Trinity was already feeling in her breasts was almost too good to make it stop, but she regretfully had to push Wireless a little away to get the space to say "Not in here. Not with our vital signs being monitored. I don't need Cypher and everyone perving over it, okay?"

Wireless smiled- the first time any of them had seen that happen, Trinity realized. It was small and brief, but beautifully wicked in a way that shot right between Trinity's legs. "I'll see you in realspace, then," she promised. Then she kissed her, hard and deep, only to vanish from the sim right in the middle of it.

Oh, she'd pay for that, thought Trinity, with a smile of her own. Of course, getting into a position to do that might be tricky, since she woke up with Wireless positively looming over her, that smirk back on her face, and herded into her quarters as quickly as was practical on a hovercraft full of entertainment-starved men. But it would definitely be worth the effort.
Liritar: Hana Dangerousliritarofrohan on July 5th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
That... was unique, to say the least. *Laughs* Hana definitely needs more loving.
Acacia: Heroes - Wireless is for porn!acaciaonnastik on July 5th, 2007 03:34 am (UTC)
Lots more. ~is smitten~
Liritarliritarofrohan on July 5th, 2007 01:06 pm (UTC)
Hell yeah.