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Welcome to the Rotating Pornathon Comm, home of...yes, the Rotating Pornathons! No, that's not quite the same as "sit and spin," although it could be...if you were so inclined, or maybe if there was zero-g involved, but, anyway, WELCOME!

You may be familiar with Signe's (oxioniensis) awesome Porn Battles. Or possibly you've been hanging out at Allie's (technosage) Heroes Pornathons. Or maybe you've never been to a Pornathon at all, more's the pity.

Well, anyhow, when the Heroes Pornathon collided with the desire for a The Black Donnellys' Pornathon, we (Allie, Lyra, Jess, Nan, Lindsay, Katarin, and Rachel) decided it'd be much simpler (and much less stress for poor Allie the Pornathon Princess) if there was a comm for these bastions of smut and filthy goodness. Et voila, justthatdirty was formed to host Pornathons at least once per month. Because really, there can never be too much porn. It's what the Internets are made for!
Here at justthatdirty, you'll find Pornathons for: Heroes, The Black Donnellys, Supernatural, and CWRPS on a semi-regular basis. If there's another fandom you think we ought to do a Pornathon for, you can drop us an email at justthatdirty at gmail dot com, and we'll see if we can find a host for it. (*koff* Shanghai you into doing it. *koff*)

Now this is all well and good, but really just what the hell is a Pornathon? It's porn til you drop in one fandom plus crossovers for the space of a week. Huh? Right. We post a call for prompts: pairing and a few words to suggest a direction (position, sex act, location, color of condom, whuh evah). Then you have five days to come up with the juiciest prompts you can think of. On the sixth day, we round them up and post them, and on the seventh day we say LET THERE BE PORN, and then there is.
What kind of porn? SHORT porn. Plotless porn. Fic, manips, vids, fanart, whatever. You've got 500 words or the space of one image (or cartoon, vid, whatever) to give us the hottest, filthiest smut you can create. If it happens to be longer than 500 words, well, there are rules for that too, but basically, we're looking for PWP! Someone or someones doing something to someone or someones else, in all its vivid and glorious detail.

Because we're justthatdirty.
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